Dr. Rosedale, a portion of the Boston Speech at the Heinz Conference

Dr Rosedale is leading the way of the future of true health, not health via drugs, as you will learn, there are no magic pills. Dr Rosedale teaches many worldwide to unlock the power and the mechanisms in your amazing personal pharmacy - your body, which continues to be the best machine ever built if fed and treated correctly.

Dr. Ron Rosedale is a nationally known expert in nutritional and metabolic medicine whose work with diabetics is truly groundbreaking. Very few physicians have had such consistent success in helping diabetics to eliminate or reduce their need for insulin and to reduce heart disease-both without drugs or surgery. Science about health that is the foundation for.

Leptin and your health Dr. Rosedale

How much fat you have is largely controlled by the hormone leptin. Understand leptin and you will understand and control your fat, your weight, your health, and you can slow down your rate of aging. Dr Ron Rosedale is a leader in bringing the science of leptin to our attention.

Dr. Rosedale Exposing the Cholesterol Myth: Cholesterol is not the major culprit in heart disease

Science and Health with Dr Ron Rosedale. Cholesterol is not the major culprit in heart disease or any disease. Cholesterol has only been shown to be correlated, meaning associated, with heart disease. That would be like saying fireman cause every fire just by association. Would you want to chase off all the firemen? Cholesterol never has really been shown to be a significant underlying root cause of heart disease or any disease. Before you or anyone goes on drugs for lowering cholesterol, please do your research first and take your lives and your health in your own hands. Don't leave your health in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry. They certainly don't care about it... only in taking money from you.. The information is out there, not the advertising, but the real science. Most people do more research on their cars than they do on their own precious miracle of life; their own bodies.

Death by Calcium, why Calcium Supplements Increase Heart Attacks - Ron Rosedale, M.D. interviewed by Shelley Schlender, KGNU

Dr. Rosedale points out that often, people who have “thin bones” have high amounts of calcium plaque in their blood vessels, a condition which is well-documented for increasing the chance of heart attacks. People with thin bones also can have calcium deposits in their joints . . . for instance, with arthritis.

Dr. Rosedale says that when people have osteoporosis, it’s generally not the case that they need more calcium. Instead, they need clearer signaling instructions in their body, so the calcium goes where it’s needed, not stuck in places that cause trouble.

Listen to Ron Rosedale Interview - Short Version (7 minutes, Broadcast on KGNU, also same as the video)

Listen to Ron Rosedale Interview - Long Version (25 minutes which starts with the first 7 minutes of KGNU interview)